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Managing Director
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At present the company is actively developing under the management of experienced specialists and professionals of hotel managers.

Морозова Елена Анатольевна
Restaurant manager
Elena Morozova
(8443) 21-10-22
Зорикова Елена Анатольевна
Chief accountant
Elena Zorikova
(8443) 21-10-30
Olesya Petrichenko
Hotel manager
Olesya Petrichenko
(8443) 21-10-70
Клименко Анастасия Владимировна
Director of Marketing
Anastasiya Klimenko
(8443) 21-10-95
Кочкарев Владимир Васильевич
Chief engineer
Vladimir Kochkarev
(8443) 21-10-50
Angelica Novokreshchenova
Executive Housekeeper
Angelica Novokreshchenova
(8443) 21-10-75
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About Volzhskiy

Volskiy was founded on the 22-th of July in 1954. It's a large industrial, cultural and science center of the Volgograd region, located on the left bank of the Ahtuba river, 20 km north-west from Volgograd. Nowadays its area is about 14,5 thousand hectares, its population is over 300 thousand people. The city has beneficial geographic position. There is a port with two dockages for passengers and cargo, a railway through the city, which connects Russia and Middle Asia.

There is a multifunctional automobile net. Public transport is presented by buses, city taxis, trams. Annually more than two million tons of cargo are carried using automobile roads.

Volzhskiy is a city of power engineers, mechanicians, chemists, metallurgists with more than 17 billion rubles industrial output. The production is supplied not only in Russia but in more than 40 countries all over the world. The total quantity of companies is over 5 thousand including industrial enterprises- 542, building companies- 607. The number of personnel, employed at large- and middle-size companies, is about 100 thousand people. Since 1994 domestic bus industry "Volzhanin" has been producing buses of different modifications, which are sold in every regions of Russia. There are enterprises for processing agricultural products. Such brands of beer as "Volzhanin", "Ahtuba", "Tolstyak" are famous far beyond the region.

Volzhskiy is a youth city, average age of residents - 37 years. In the city we can watch successfully developing education system: 47 secondary schools, a grammar school, "Evrika-razvitie" - a school, cooperating with UNESCO, a cadet school, a center of education. High school is presented by 7 specialized schools, polytechnic college, trade and economy college, medical college. Higher education is actively developing - humanitarian institute of Volgograd State University, engineering and construction institute of Volgograd State Architectural and Construction Academy, branches of Volgograd Technical University and Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Volgograd branche of Modern Humanitarian Institute, Moscow branches of Institute of Advertising, Tourism, and show-business and International Law Institute. All institutes and universities are conducting researches in high-tech and environmental protection spheres for industry.

Cultural system is presented by two Palaces of culture with large concert halls, a recreation center, an Art gallery, a showroom, three museums, two parks, 22 libraries, musical and art schools, cinemas, Palace of children and youth creativity, Theater "Arlekin" for children, 5 professional musical groups. In the city there are children and youth schools of Olympic reserve in swimming, gymnastics, rowing. Their sportsmen were prizewinners of Olympic games, European and World Championships many times.

22 municipal health care institutes work for citizens in Volzhskiy. Commercial services for people are made by 339 stationary companies of retail trade, 14 markets. Catering services are provided by 124 companies, including more than 20 restaurants, bars and cafes.

For citizens there are some recreation resources. In picturesque area of the Ahtuba river's bottom land and right in the city there are recreation centers, dispensaries, summer camps for children and tourist complexes. Near Volzhskiy, in "Volgo-Akhtubinskaya poyma" ,which is not accidentally called a pearl of the Volga region, you can find hunting areas. For fishing lovers there's nothing more to be desired than bottom land lakes.

The climate of the region allow to grow any vegetables, fruits and berries except citrus. That's why in Volzhskiy (in suburb there are 34 gardening organization) you'll find perhaps the cheapest fruits throughout Russia. Those people, who wish to build not only dacha, but a house for permanent living, will get land for building it. Season for swimming in the river starts in May and lasts till the beginning of October.




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